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How Yama Became Ugly Looking?

Transformation of Yama, the Hindu God of death, into an ugly-looking human form was a consequence of his own arrogance and neglect of his duties as the god of death. Initially blessed with striking attractiveness, Yama's vanity led him to become consumed by his own appearance, disregarding his responsibilities to guide souls to their rightful destinations in the afterlife.

As Yama reveled in his good looks, the earth suffered from overpopulation and dwindling resources, causing chaos and distress. Shiva, perturbed by Yama's neglect, decided it was time for a lesson. Summoning Yama to Kailash, Shiva disguised his intentions with a warm welcome, catching Yama off guard.

When Shiva asked Yama to fetch water from a nearby pond, Yama's reflection revealed a horrifying image, resembling a demon. Terrified, Yama rushed to Shiva, only to realize that the terrifying creature was his own reflection, distorted by his inner ugliness.

Realizing his folly, Yama sought help from various deities, but found no relief until he embarked on severe penance to gain Vishnu's attention. Finally, after years of penance, Vishnu appeared before Yama, who pleaded for his former handsomeness. However, Vishnu refused, knowing that such beauty would only lead to Yama's complacency once more.

Though Vishnu showed mercy by removing Yama's horns, the other features of his distorted reflection remained, serving as a constant reminder of the consequences of arrogance and neglect of duty. Thus, Yama's outward appearance mirrored his inner flaws, a testament to the importance of humility and responsibility.