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Sushena – The Vanara Physician In The Ramayana

Sushena, the Vanara physician in the epic Ramayana, is indeed a captivating character known for his pivotal role in aiding the heroes during critical moments of the narrative.

When Lakshmana fell gravely wounded by Ravana's spear, it was Sushena who provided crucial guidance to Hanuman, directing him to the Vishalya Karani, or Sanjeevani herb, located on Mount Gandhamadana. Despite the daunting challenge posed by the distance and the time constraint of fetching the herb before sunrise, Sushena's wisdom spurred Hanuman to overcome these obstacles. Hanuman's remarkable feat of lifting the entire mountain and bringing it to Lanka showcased both his extraordinary strength and Sushena's invaluable advice.

Upon returning with the mountain, Sushena meticulously prepared the herbs into a potent paste, which he administered to Lakshmana, ultimately reviving him from his unconscious state. This act of healing exemplifies Sushena's profound knowledge of traditional medicine and his unwavering dedication to aiding his comrades in their time of need.

Moreover, during another critical juncture in the war, when Rama and Lakshmana were ensnared by the Nagapasha Arrow of Indrajit, Sushena once again provided vital counsel. Though he advised Hanuman to procure the necessary herbs for their release, the situation was swiftly resolved by the timely intervention of Garuda, who freed the divine brothers from their bonds.

Throughout the epic, Sushena's expertise in medicine proved invaluable, as he tirelessly attended to the injuries of countless Vanaras wounded in battle. His selfless service and profound knowledge earned him the admiration and gratitude of none other than Bhagavan Sri Rama himself, underscoring his significance as a revered figure in the Ramayana narrative.