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Story Of Annamacharya Rejecting Narastuti

The illustrious 15th-century composer-saint Annamacharya is famous for his Venkateswara stuti. Here is a story which tells how Annamacharya rejected Narastuti or praising men especially kings.

Once Saluva Narasimha Raya, ruler of Tanguturu, invited the Annamacharya to his court. Impressed by the saint’s remarkable songs, the king asked for a song in praise of himself.

Annamayya was shocked at his request and refused to engage in “narastuti” (praise of human being). He told the king he would compose songs only for Bhagavan. His ego hurt, the king threw the saint in prison.

Legend says that when Annamacharya sang to the praise of Srihari Vishnu with utmost devotion, his shackles miraculously broke free. The king realized his folly and released the saint.

Annamacharya returned to his spiritual home, Tirumala, the court of Bhagavan Sri Venkateswara. In the words of scholars Velcheru Narayana Rao and David Shulman, “Annamayya was Venkateshvara’s court poet, and the God rewarded him and his family lavishly in the royal manner.”