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A Contented Life – Annamacharya

A life without debts, even if it be simple, is enough; wages earned honestly, even if it be a dime are enough.

A patchless hut, even if it be as small as a basket, is enough; gruel obtained without any worry, even if it be fistful, is enough; a wife who is not a termagant, whatever be her caste, is enough; Justly earned wealth without creating a sensation, even if it be an anna, is enough.

A life without scolding, even if it be for a day, is enough; food undefiled, even if it be a morsel, is enough; a contented life, even if it be modest, is better than an ambitious life exposed. A life, even if it be of limited means, is better than a life pitied for its greed.

Comfort obtained without exasperation, even if it be the least is enough; it is better to spurn the earthly pleasures than remain unstable like a post in slush; instead of being subject to grueling desires like a saw, it is better to have a life of ordeal to reach Bhagavan Venkatesa as per His ordain.

Some explanation of above verses

Living a life without debts, even in simplicity, can provide a sense of freedom and peace of mind that is invaluable. When one is not burdened by financial obligations, there is room to focus on what truly matters: relationships, personal growth, and pursuing passions. Whether it's living within one's means, avoiding unnecessary expenses, or prioritizing financial responsibility, the absence of debt can pave the way for a more fulfilling existence.

Similarly, earning wages honestly, regardless of the amount, brings a sense of dignity and integrity to one's work. It is not the size of the paycheck that defines the value of the labor, but rather the effort, dedication, and honesty put into it. Whether it's earning a dime or a dollar, knowing that one's income is earned through ethical means fosters a sense of pride and satisfaction.

In essence, embracing a life without debts and earning wages honestly, no matter how modest, can lead to a contented and meaningful existence. It's about finding joy and fulfillment in the simple pleasures of life, rather than being consumed by materialism or the pursuit of wealth. By living within one's means and upholding principles of honesty and integrity, one can cultivate a rich and fulfilling life that transcends monetary measures.