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A Contented Life – Annamacharya

A life without debts, even if it be simple, is enough; wages earned honestly, even if it be a dime are enough.

A patchless hut, even if it be as small as a basket, is enough; gruel obtained without any worry, even if it be fistful, is enough; a wife who is not a termagant, whatever be her caste, is enough; Justly earned wealth without creating a sensation, even if it be an anna, is enough.

A life without scolding, even if it be for a day, is enough; food undefiled, even if it be a morsel, is enough; a contented life, even if it be modest, is better than an ambitious life exposed. A life, even if it be of limited means, is better than a life pitied for its greed.

Comfort obtained without exasperation, even if it be the least is enough; it is better to spurn the earthly pleasures than remain unstable like a post in slush; instead of being subject to grueling desires like a saw, it is better to have a life of ordeal to reach Bhagavan Venkatesa as per His ordain.