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Creation Stories Of Local People Of Assam

The tribal groups of Assam have retained their own creation stories. For examples, the Bodo creation myths narrate thus – God Anan Gasai Binan Gosai was lying in a formless state. Then he decided to create the universe and all forms started appearing. The God then felt lonely and created Sirbrai and out of his own form created his consort Siburi. Monsinsin, the first man, was born from him and hence grew mankind.

Another creation story of Assam states that at first, there was only water and no earth. At the behest of the God, a clod of earth was brought from the bottom of the water and, thus, the world was created. Another myth talks of the origin of the living beings, trees and spirits from the cosmic egg.

According to the Karbi oral tradition of Assam, the mythical bird Wo Planki laid several eggs, out of which were born the progenitors of the Assamese people – the Nagas, the Kacharis, and the Karbis.

Lunche Keplang narrates how the Karbis learnt the art of poetry, music and art from Rangsina, the divine giver of music. The Dimasas and other tribes have similar myths about the origin of the universe and mankind.