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Mantra Samskara

Mantra Samskara is a sacred process involving ten intricate rituals aimed at purifying mantras before they are used for any purpose, be it sacred or secular. Here's an expanded explanation of each ritual:

Janana (Extraction): This ritual involves the extraction of the individual letters of the mantra through a specially drawn diagram known as the matrkayantra. It's a precise process where the letters are carefully discerned and extracted.

Jivana (Enlivening): After the letters are extracted, they are written down in the prescribed order. Each letter is then infused with life through the practice of japa, which involves chanting each letter preceded by the sacred syllable 'Om'.

Tadana (Striking): In this step, each letter of the mantra is gently struck with sandal-water while repeating the sound 'yam'. This action further charges the letters with energy.

Bodhana (Awakening): The letters of the mantra are beaten with red oleander flowers while chanting the syllable 'ram'. This process awakens and activates the potency of the mantra.

Abhisheka (Bathing): The letters of the mantra, which are usually inscribed on a metal plate, are bathed with water using an ashvattha leaf (Ficus religiosa). The syllable 'ram' is chanted during this ritual, purifying and consecrating the letters.

Vimalikarana (Purification): The mantra is purified with the special formula 'om hraum' while contemplating its essence. This step involves deepening the spiritual connection with the mantra.

Apyayana (Satiating): The letters of the mantra are immersed in water along with kusha grass or a flower, using the 'jyotir mantra' (om hraum). This ritual nourishes and energizes the mantra.

Tarpana (Offering): Libations of water are offered to the mantra while chanting the jyotir mantra. This step symbolizes offering reverence and respect to the mantra.

Dipana (Illumination): The mantra is illuminated with the formula 'om hrim shrim', signifying the infusion of light and auspiciousness into the mantra.

Gupti (Secrecy): Finally, the mantra is kept as a great secret, and its power is protected. This step emphasizes the confidentiality and sanctity of the mantra.

It's important to note that these rituals are highly esoteric and should be performed under the expert guidance of a competent guru or spiritual teacher who is well-versed in the tradition and practices associated with mantra purification.