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Quotes On The Ways Of The Wise

The ways of the wise, like those of flower bunches, are twofold. They either find a place atop all people, or else wither away in the forest itself. (Bhartrihari)

Renunciation of wealth, forgiveness in strength, absence of unhappiness in suffering, unostentatious pursuit of social norms — all of these come naturally to the wise.

Who among thoughtful persons like you would not welcome the wise of simple heart — whose heart, speech, and action are all of one accord?

Karna gave of his skin, Shibi his flesh, Jimutavahana his life itself, and Dadhichi his bones; there is nothing that the great cannot give.

Rama does not need to put a second arrow to his bow, fix a second abode for refuge seekers, give twice to the same supplicant, or make a statement a second time.

He is indeed wise whose mind does not react though the objects of enjoyment come before him. This is the test. When your mind has attained to that stage, then only you can be sure that it is all right. (Swami Turiyananda)