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Different Types Of Tandava Performed By Shiva As Nataraja

Shiva is supposed to have danced the five major kinds of tandava as Nataraja for the benefit of his devotees at various places. Here is a look at the different types of Tandava performed by Shiva as Nataraja.

  1. Shiva performed the famous Ananda Tandava at Kankasabha in Chidambaram (Tillai).
  2. He performed the Sandhya Tandava at Rajatasabha in Madurai.
  3. Shiva performed his Gauri Tandava at Chitsabha in Tirupputtur.
  4. He performed Tripura Tandava at Chitrasabha in Tirukutralam.
  5. Shiva performed his Muni Tandava at Tamra Sabha in Tirunelveli.

Besides these, Ratnasabha at Tiruvalangadu is also reputed to be a natyasabha where Shiva danced. Shiva is also known to have performed other forms of Tandava like

  • Shakti Tandava
  • Shiva Shakti Tandava
  • Ardhanari Tandava
  • Samhara Tandava
  • Raudra Tandava

According to the Shaiva Agamas, which owe their origin to Mahadeva Shiva, there are 108 modes of Shiva’s dances that correspond to the 108 karanas or postures.