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Hindu Goddess Of Lust

In Hinduism, there is no specific goddess exclusively associated with the concept of "lust" in the way it is commonly understood in Western contexts. However, there are goddesses who embody aspects of love, beauty, and desire within the broader framework of Hindu religion. Goddess Rati is the goddess of love, passion and sexual desire but she is not known as goddess of lust.

One such god is Kamadeva, also known as Manmatha or Kama. Kamadeva is often considered the Hindu god of love and desire. He is depicted as a handsome youth wielding a bow and arrows, with his companion Rati, who symbolizes sexual pleasure and delight. Kamadeva's role is to kindle the flame of love and desire in the hearts of both gods and humans.

It's important to note that in Hinduism, the understanding of desire is multifaceted. While there are deities associated with aspects of love and desire, the overall perspective on desire in Hindu philosophy is nuanced, and it includes both the physical and the spiritual dimensions of human existence.

It's always crucial to approach discussions about religious and cultural topics with sensitivity and respect, recognizing that interpretations and beliefs can vary widely within a tradition.