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Surutapalli Pallikondeswara Temple Story

Pallikondeswara Temple, also known as Pradosha Kshetram, stands as a Hindu place of worship devoted to Lord Shiva. It is situated in the village of Surutapalli, located in the Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh, India. This unique temple features Bhagavan Pallikondeswarar (Shiva), reclining gracefully on the lap of his divine consort, Parvati, setting it apart from other Shiva temples.

During the churning of the ocean of milk, known as the Samudra manthan, carried out by both gods and demons, various treasures emerged from the ocean, including the coveted Amrita (the elixir of the gods) and the deadly poison Halahala. To safeguard the inhabitants of the world from the perilous poison, Lord Shiva valiantly consumed it. As the poison began its descent into Shiva's throat, his consort Parvati intervened, preventing it from further progress by firmly grasping Shiva's throat, which led to Shiva's neck taking on a distinctive blue hue.

Following this episode, Shiva, accompanied by Parvati, continued on his journey to his sacred abode, Kailash. Along the way, Shiva experienced fatigue and mild discomfort, eventually reaching a location within the bounds of Andhra, now known as Surutapalli. It was there that he reclined to rest, placing his head in Parvati's lap. Concerned for Shiva's well-being, the gods gathered around him, patiently awaiting the moment when the Lord would open his eyes. This reclining posture of Mahadeva Shiva is a rare and unique occurrence, bearing a remarkable resemblance to Bhagavan Sri Vishnu's iconic reclining form.