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Dreaming Of Rock Slide – Meaning

Dreaming of rock slide is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be suddenly and unexpectedly exposed to a mountain of problems. It also means your path to success will be blocked. It means impediments in all areas of life especially studies, career and relationship. Dreams of rock slide on you and you are seen struggling means accidents or disruption during an important journey.

Dream of rock slide and you see lots of people lying under rock or struggling means natural calamity. It also means a vacation or adventure trip going all wrong.

Dreaming of rock slide and you are not seen in the dream means a lucky escape from a terrible tragedy.

Dreams of rock slide and you see your family members only means problems for your family when you are not around. It also means helplessness.

Dreaming of rock slide and you are seen happy means destructing thoughts. It means revengeful attitude. Someone you loved might hurt you. It also means an emotional scar making you cold and destructive.