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Dreaming Of Lock Jaw – Meaning

Dreaming of lock jaw is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means some kind of interruption in the near future. It also means you will unhappy as a minor ailment might cause delay in your journey or other plans. Dreams of lock jaw is also a warning sign about a particular disease which might require help of traditional medicine.

Dream of lock jaw and you are seen in the dream means you will have to bear someone or something for a short period so that you will have good results in future.

Dreaming of lock jaw and you see other people mean sudden health issue to a family member. It also means an old health problem reappearing.

Dreams of lock jaw and you are seen struggling means help not arriving at the right time during a medical emergency.

Dreaming of lock jaw and you are unable to speak means your ideas and opinions will be crushed. People will try to overpower you. It means sudden problems in career or in public life.