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Dreaming Of Big Rodents – Meaning

Dreaming of big rodents is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means your enemies will be powerful and will gather strength. It also means a problem going out of control. It also means you suddenly facing a problem which will overpower you. Dreams of big rodents also means lack of hygiene, cleanliness and collecting junk resulting in a tricky situation in life.

Dream of big rodents and you are not seen in the dream means attack on your property or wealth when you are away. It also means helplessness when you hear about a problem to a loving one.

Dreaming of big rodents and you are seen successfully fight it away means you will overcome a problem through courage and determination. It also means success over a powerful enemy.

Dreams of big rodents and they are keeping on growing means ignoring a small problem will turn out to unmanageable in near future. It also means you are yet to realize that a problem is developing without your knowledge. It also means people keep you in dark about a crisis.