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Unique Offerings And Pujas At Masani Amman Temple For Desire Fulfilment

Masani Amman temple near Pollachi in Tamil Nadu is famous in the region as the deity here is believed to fulfill the desires of the devotees who worship her. The temple is also noted for some unique offerings and pujas.

Devotees of Masani Amman write down their wishes and grievances in a paper and tie it to the wrist of the 17-foot long murti of Goddess in the temple. Devotees of Masani Amman strongly believe that there will be a solution to their problems in ninety days.

Goddess Masani Amman provides justice those who have suffered injustice. She provides justice to the weak and the downtrodden. Those seek justice visit the temple grind red chilies and apply it on the 'neethi kal' or 'the stone of justice.' People have experienced that justice will be meted out sooner or later.

People tie red or black thread worshipped at the shrine around their wrist for protection against witchcraft and evil spells.

Pachilam marundhu is a unique prasad given by temple to devotees. It is believed that the prasad acts like a medicine and cures problems related to menstruation or monthly periods.

It is auspicious to worship goddess Masani Amman on New Moon days, Tuesdays and Fridays.

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