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Story Of Anala – Agni

Agni, the fire god in Hinduism, is also known as Anala, the son of Anila, the wind god. As per Skanda Purana, he was born in the town called Jyotismarti as the son of a Brahmin couple, Visvanara and Sucishmati, by the grace of Bhagavan Mahadeva Shiva. The boy was directed to perform penance to avoid bad luck that would fall on him.

The boy performed penance addressing Shiva. But Indra, the king of Devas (demigods), appeared before the boy and asked him to seek the boon. The boy refused the grace of Indra. Indra got angry and was about to strike him down. Indra got angry and was about to strike him down. 

At that time, Bhagavan Mahadeva Shiva appeared and blessed the boy. As per Shiva’s grace, the boy was given the portfolio of the rulership of the southeast (agneya dik dikpalakatva) under the control of Indra.