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Dreaming Of Lifting Weights – Meaning

Dreaming of lifting weights is a positive and good dream as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream is a sign that your hard work and dedication will soon take you to your dream. It also means not to give up and keep working hard. Dreams of lifting weights is also asking to remain focused and not to lose your focus and attention. It also means witnessing something that will give you goosebumps. Symbolically the dream also means hard work and there are no low hanging fruits.

The dream of lifting weights is asking you to not to believe in negativity. It is asking you to develop positivity and keep trying.

Dream of lifting weights and you see your enemies or competitors means you will face tough competition.

If you are lazy and are in the habit of procrastinating then the dream is asking you to focus as you have the ability to achieve success in future.

After seeing dream of lifting weights, one should prioritize your ambitions and try to achieve them through single minded devotion. The dream is telling you that there will be success in near future.

Always thinking of lifting weights but not working hard for it and then seeing the dream has no meaning. It is a mere extension of your thoughts.

Dream of lifting weights and you see friends or family members means reward, honor and success after hard work.