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Adimakidathuka Ritual In Kerala Temples

Adimakidathuka is unique ritual performed in Kerala temples. The ritual is performed so that children does not get any diseases. It is also performed for auspicious and for good intelligence for children. The child is made to lie down on the mandapam in the front of the sanctum sanctorum in a temple. The ritual is performed after the choorunu ritual. The belief is that the child now belongs to the deity in the temple and therefore the child will be protected by the deity.

The parents then put a token amount in the bhandaram in the temple. The priest then sprinkles holy water and flowers on the child. The temple employee returns the child to the parents. The child now belongs to the deity but is taken care by the parents.

Earlier, elephants and cows were part Adimakidathuka ritual. When animals are part of the ritual the ritual is also known as nadathalluka or nadayiruthal.

Adimakidathuka ritual is now very rarely performed in temples.