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Vidveshana In Tantra – Black Magic Act

Vidveshana is an act of Tantra. Causing enmity between two individuals by a tantric act, remotely conducted by a magician, is called vidvesana. References of such act are seen from the time of Atharva Veda. By this act, the two individuals on whom this is cast become enemies, despite their earlier friendship and relations. This act is one of the six applications of the art of black magic illustrated in Tantra works. The need for the application of such an act may be a matter of political expediency as mentioned in Kautilya’s Arthashastra or motivated by lust, greed and jealousy. In this case, the practitioner of black magic may not have any relation with the individuals on whom the above act is conducted, or with the person who is causing such an act to be conducted as a paid service.

The common target of such performance was for sapatni-vidveshana (creating a rift between the king and his paramour queens) or his kith and kin and ministers. In Mantra-mahodadhi (18th Taranga), the details for performance of this act are given. It is said that at the end of this prayoga (application), which last seven days, close friends will turn sworn enemies.

Astrology has codified specific times for the conduct of such acts. Animal sacrifice, the tying of yantra or a talisman on an individual to be afflicted under this act, the collection of personal belongings of the individual on whom such witchcraft is to be done are matters of detail, specific to the tantric practitioners.