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Thoughts On Charity And Self Control From Dnyaneshwari

Never refuse even an enemy, who comes as a supplicant, but give through the body, speech and mind as you can. Like the tree which gives the leaves, the flowers, the shade, the fruits and the roots without distinction, give to him, who needs, with a cheerful heart. This is true charity. This is what would bring nearer the means of liberation.

‘Self-control’ (Dama) is that in which as an enemy is cut down by means of a weapon, so every tendency towards objects of senses is repressed. The senses should be tied up and kept in check and even the slightest wafting of the objects of senses should not be allowed to reach at their door. All internal promptings should be cut out and should be burnt away in the fire of renunciation at the ten gates of the senses. 

The man, who possesses true self-control, does not rest any moment, either during the day or night, in carrying out the discipline. This discipline, which is more difficult than the discipline of controlling the breath (Yoga) is the true performance of duty. Beginning from the highest, human beings should do their respective duties in their proper and respectful form. The priest might do the six fold worship, which he has been taught and the common man might show reverence for such a priest. Both of them would secure equal merit. According to one's condition and resources all the worship, which may be offered, should be, however, offered without desire of fruits. Pursuing the tenets of the Shastras, the performance of Yajna in this manner is meritorious, when one does not allow the feeling to enter his mind, that 'I am doing this.'