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Story Of Upamanyu In Hindu Religion

Upamanyu is a student learning in the gurukula (literally ‘teacher’s family’) of the sage Ayoda Dhaumya. In olden times, since disciples had to stay in the gurukula, they were expected to perform some duties and responsibilities thereof. Upamanyu had to wash the clothes of his guru and also graze the cattle, like all other students who were treated as family members in the gurukula of Ayoda Dhaumya. A number of students in the ashrama (hermitage) were given food, clothes and shelter in addition to learning, and the guru was respected kulapati (head of the family).

Guru Dhaumya once thought of appointing a suitable person in his place, i.e., to the post of kulapati. Amongst the ten thousand students, he thought that Upamanyu was the most suitable one. In order to test his capability, he secretly informed his wife to stop serving meals to Upamanyu. He drank cow’s milk on the first day. The next day, he avoided drinking milk also. On the third day, he could not control his hunger and went out in the forest and consumed the leaves of the arka plant and lost sight of in both eyes. On his way back, he accidently fell into a dry well.

The guru came in search of his disciple and brought him out of the well. He guided him to concentrate on the twin Aswins (the divine physicians). Praying to them, Upamanyu’s eyesight was restored and his guru’s blessings showered upon him for his tremendous devotion.

Dhaumya had an elder brother whose name, too, was Upamanyu. They were sons of Vyaghrapada muni. This Upamanyu was a devotee of Bhagavan Shiva and composed Shiva Sahasranama.