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Dreaming Of Lion Tattoo – Meaning

Dreaming of lion tattoo is both negative and positive sign omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means freedom and doing something that you always wanted to do. It also means overcoming fear and doing something courageously. Dreams of lion tattoo also means physical confrontation. Trying to muster courage by doing a ritual or exercise.

Dream of lion tattoo and it is seen moving or yawning means you will not have the courage to face something in real life. So you will fantasize about facing the problem successfully. The dream also means preferring fantasy to the real world after failure and disappointments.

Dreams of lion tattoo and you are trying to rub it away or washing it means doing something silly on your body and regretting it later.

Dream of lion tattoo and it is growing out of control means you will get into something without realizing the enormity of the problem.

Dreaming of lion tattoo going wrong, smudged or bleeding means beauty procedure going horribly wrong and you regretting it.