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What Does A Woman Represent In A Dream?

Dream of woman is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means fertility, hope and growth. It also means happiness and new relationship. Woman in dream also represent family and acceptance. Dreams of woman in dream and you are seen worried means lack of confidence or unexpected problems from opposite sex.

Dream of woman and you know the woman personally means you will make wrong moves in a relationship. It also means forced to hide your true emotions.

Dreaming of woman and it is a stranger means you will get romantically involved with a person in near future. It also means making changes in life for better opportunities.

Dreams of woman and the woman is angry means sudden problems which you never expected. It also means you will be misunderstood.

Dream of woman in the dream and the woman is in danger or bad situation means you will need to act fast in near future to save someone’s life.