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Story Of Manickavasagar

Manickavasagar was born in Tiruvadavur near Madurai in Tamil Nadu and was called Vadavurar. He became chief minister to the Pandya king and proved to be an efficient administrator; however, in his heart he longed to retire and spend his life in spiritual pursuits.

Vadavurar was sent by the king to buy imported horses from the port city of Thiruperundurai. When he arrived there, he was mesmerized by the sound of Vedic chants. He proceeded in the direction of the sound and came to a grove where he saw a teacher seated beneath a kurundai tree, surrounded by devotees. It is said that Shiva assumed a human form in order to save Vadavurar, who recognized his guru immediately and surrendered himself unreservedly to him, forgetting all about the king’s commission.

The gift of poesy overtook Vadavurar and mellifluous verses of rare beauty and charm flowed from his lips in praise of Shiva. The saint’s first rendering was Sivapuranam. Siva was greatly pleased and gave him the title Manickavasagar, meaning ‘he whose words are like rubies’.