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Dreaming Of Jiggers – Meaning

Dreaming of jiggers is a negative sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will face sudden troubles in life. It also means you will be unaware about a problem and you will only notice it when it has become a serious issue. Dreams of jiggers also mean you will face cheating from someone you trusted. The dream symbolically means a health issue and you have been unaware or ignoring it for a long period and it will become serious problem pretty soon.

Dream of jiggers on feet or other body parts means you will be forced to visit places that are infested with bugs. It also means travel or trek to a location away from town or city life.

Dreaming of jiggers on your body is a sign of unexpected problems in life. You will not even realize about them until it is pointed out by someone else.

Dreams of jiggers on someone else mean you will witness something gruesome.

Dream of jiggers and you know the place means you need to remain alert as there are problems building up at workplace or at home.