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Dreaming Of Cashew – Meaning

Dreaming of cashew is both good and bad as per dream interpretation and meaning. Dream of cashew means you will soon be protected by someone in power or wealthy. It is also associated with blessing of divine power. Dreams of cashews also mean you will soon turn health conscious and splurge on health foods.

Dreaming of eating lot of cashew means there will be luck in games, lottery or money matters. After seeing the dream, you should learn to save for future. It is a sign of plenty now but not in future.

Dreaming of buying cashew is a sign that you will soon have to make a firm decision. It means you will need to get serious with your work or relationships.

Dream of vomiting after eating cashew or you are crying in dream means it is a sign of big problems in life especially related to health or finance.

Seeing dream of you removing skin of cashew is a sign of better luck.

Dream of whole cashew means travels especially places famous for cashew nuts.