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Guru Is Not A Mere Knowledge Provider

A true Guru gives not mere knowledge but height of awareness. Guru kindles the life force in a seeker. Guru is not mere a source of information. He provokes your intelligence. He awakens your intelligence. In the presence of Guru you become more alive; every cell in your body becomes alive. This is called diksha. Guru attempts at fullness and wakefulness of disciple.

Guru shows the direction to the absolute. We need to understand it and cut our path to the absolute. Following something written in a book written thousands of years ago does not make us realized. Religious books are only guides to reach God. They are not final authority.

To a disciple who has understood the teaching of Advaita, he is never alone in his spiritual journey towards self realization. There is only one that is knowledge. Therefore, no one is alone on this journey toward infinity. There is no separation. The journey to infinity begins within and it culminates when there exists nothing outside.

You go in the wrong direction when Guru promises miracles. A Guru who drags deeper into the materialistic world is not a true Guru but a businessman. Guru has nothing to do with gold, money, precious items and property. Guru has nothing to do with lust, marriage or body. For a Guru there is no second.