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Dreams Of Rotten Teeth – Meaning

Dreams of rotten teeth are a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face problems in life due to past actions of yours. Dreaming of rotten teeth should be seen a sign of big problems in life. You will need to remain calm and avoid taking risks after seeing dream of rotten teeth. Dreams of rotten teeth means premature aging or health issues that make you look weak and aged.

Dream of rotten teeth and you see your partner abandoning you means relationship problems in near future.

Dreaming of rotten teeth and you are arguing with family members means problems in family life and someone might leave you forever.

Dreams of rotten teeth and there is blood means there will be accidents through fall or through vehicle or by animals.

Dream of rotten teeth and you wake up terrified or sad means injury to visible body parts causing permanent damage.

Dreams of rotten teeth and you throwing out something means self-medication will cause damage to important body parts.