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Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa And Darshan Of Bhagavan Sri Rama

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had the darshan of Bhagavan Sri Rama. Here is a look at the divine incident from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.

About the year 1864 there came to Dakshineswar a wandering Vaishnava monk, Jatadhari, whose Ishta Devata was Ramlala, the child Rama. He always carried with him a small metal murti of Ramlala and served him with the tender affection of Kausalya. Ramlala manifested and accepted Jatadhari’s service.

Soon, Ramlala became very close to Sri Ramakrishna. So, one day Jatadhari requested Sri Ramakrishna to keep Ramlala’s murti and declared that Ramlala had fulfilled his innermost prayer and that he now had no more need of formal worship.

A few days later Sri Ramakrishna was blessed through Ramlala with a vision of Ramachandra, whereby he realised that Rama of the Ramayana, the son of Dasharatha, pervades the whole universe as Spirit and Consciousness; that He is its Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer; that, in still another aspect, He is the transcendental Brahman, without form, attribute, or name.

Sri Ramakrishna told the devotees: In the Purana it is said that it was as if a hundred suns were shining when Rama entered the court. Why, then, weren’t the courtiers burnt up? It was because the brilliance of Rama was not like that of a material object. As the lotus blooms when the sun rises, so the lotus of the heart of the people assembled in the court burst into blossom. Ordinary people do not recognize the advent of an Incarnation of God. He comes in secret. Only a few of His intimate disciples can recognize Him. That Rama was both Brahman Absolute and a perfect Incarnation of God in human form was known only to twelve rishis. The other sages said to Him, ‘Rama, we know You only as Dasaratha’s son.’ Sages like Bharadvaja adored Rama and said: ‘O Rama, You are nothing but the Indivisible Satchidananda. You have appeared before us as a human being, but You look like a man because You have shrouded Yourself with Your own maya.’ These rishis were great devotees of Rama: and had supreme love for God. It is said in the Adhyatma Ramayana that Rama alone is both the Pervading Spirit and everything pervaded. There is no difference between Rama and His holy name.