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Story – Shadow Of Devotion – The Great Power Of Unwavering Devotion

 Story on the great power of unwavering devotion.

Once there was a poor man, who made his bare living by gathering wood in the forest and selling it in the market. All that he possessed was an axe and a rope, to cut and carry the wood. Now it happened that a great religious gathering took place in the village. Pilgrims came in thousands from all parts of the country. Song and worship was to be carried on all day.

The poor man was very pious. He yearned to join in the festivities and to add his little mite to the offerings made to the village god that day. But what could he do? He had no money. He thought of selling his axe and rope. But that would mean that he would be deprived of his means of livelihood. No way seemed open. But as the noise of the merry crowd reached his ears, his fervour to join in the worship got the better of him and he sold his axe and rope. And for the money he bought flowers and coconut and other articles for worship. He was very happy and joining the crowd he began to worship his beloved God with all sincerity of heart.

Then he went to the bank of the river, which he found crowded with people. The midday sun was beating down on the heads of the crowd and the heat was almost unbearable. But the poor woodcutter did not mind this in the least. He sat down near the edge of the water praying and meditating. There he sat, immovable like a statue, forgetting the heat and the people and himself in the ardour of his devotion.

But what did the people observe? Though none could find the slightest shade to protect them from the sun’s burning rays, this man was sitting in the shadow. But in the shadow of what? The sky was clear. The rainy season was long past. How would he find a shady place, and that right near the holy river? They looked up at the sky. And what was their surprise when in the azure sky appeared one tiny cloud, just enough to throw a shadow over the poor woodcutter who was absorbed in prayer! There he sat, protected by his Bhagavan from the intense heat of the sun. People then realized that this man must be a great devotee. They paid him all honour and laid some money and food at his feet. And at evening the woodcutter went his way, rejoicing and praising God.