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Kanathur Nalvar Daivasthanam Temple – Court Temple To Solve Disputes – Kaliyattam Thira Festival

Kanathur Nalvar Daivasthanam (Devasthanam) temple is a unique shrine at Kanathur in Kasaragod district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi, along with other 3 gods (Nalvar, which means four). Kanathur Nalvar Daivasthanam is famous as a court in the region which solves disputes between people. The annual kaliyattam – thira – theyyam festival in the temple is held for seven days in Dhanu Masam – Dhanu 12 to Dhanu 18 (December 28 to January 2).

Kanathur Nalvar Daivasthanam Temple Court To Solve Disputes

Kanathur Nalvar Daivastanam temple is a sort of Court for those who believe in the Daiva or deity in the temple. If there is any type of dispute between any two parties, then the aggrieved party can approach this temple for justice. A person can register complaint in the temple office and wait for turn. Complaint is accepted after reviewing the genuineness of the compliant. The command is that never lie before Daiva and tell only the truth and justice will be served.

The temple authorities will look into the complaint, and send a notice to the 2nd party. If the 2nd party refuses to turn up, then the decision is left to the Daiva (temple elders or committee). And if the second party contests, then the decision of the Daiva is final. No one goes against the wishes of the Daiva.

Apart from devotees from Kerala, the temple also attracts devotees from Southern districts of Karnataka.

Kanathur Nalvar Daivasthanam Temple Timing

Kanathur Nalvar Daivastanam Temple is open from morning 9:30 AM to 5:45 PM.

Anna prasadam or free food is served daily after 12:30 PM.

Tuesday, Friday and Sunday are the most important days in the temple.

This is a small traditional Kerala style temple with a small chathura sreekovil. Other deities popularly worshipped in Kavu and temples in Kasaragod region are also worshipped in the temple in small sreekovils and square platforms.

Kanathur Nalvar Daivastanam Temple – Theyyam – Kaliyattam Festival

The theyyams that are performed in this temple during kaliyattam festival are Ilayor theyyam, Moothor theyyam, Panchuruli theyyam, Raktheshwari theyyam and Vishnumoorthi theyyam.

Traditional temple art forms, cultural programs, melam, music, dance, floats and procession are part of the annual festival.