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Dreaming Of Otters – Meaning

Dreaming of otters is both good and bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be spending more time in a wet place. It also means rain or water related problems. It also means you will face stomach related problems or will have a stinking poop. Dreams of otters and you several of them together mean you will go back to your family or there will family get-together.

Dream of otters in some kind of trouble or dead means you will face violence especially in a place that has something to do with water.

Dreaming of otters playing or eating etc means you will go on picnic or a period of happiness.

Dreams of otters and you are not seen in the dream means something exciting will happen in your family when you are away from them.

Dream of otters and you are seen holding them or playing with them means desire fulfillment.