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Dreaming Of Broken Neck – Meaning

Dreaming of broken neck is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means unwanted fear and lack of courage will result in you loosing good opportunities. It is also a sign that you are giving too much important to trivial things while ignoring important matters. Dreams of broken neck also mean serious accident due to the activity of other people.

Dream of broken neck and you do not see yourself means embarrassment. You will be victimized or might face public shame. It also means accident due to careless activity of yours.

Dreaming of broken neck of someone else means you will be scared to take decisions at the right time. It also means you will be scared to do things normally after witnessing something untoward. It also means you causing harm to another person.

Dreams of broken neck and you are seen still working or doing something means you will have to work in spite of bad health. It also means someone you trusted not helping you.