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Dreaming Of Broken Comb – Meaning

Dreaming of broken comb is bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is associated with heartbreak, loss and death. It is a sign of upcoming tragedy in life. It also means you will allow yourself to look ugly without taking bath or maintaining hair. Dreams of broken comb and you are seen using it means you will destroy yourself for something someone has done to you.

Dream of broken comb and you are crying is a sign of death in family or of relatives. It also means accidents and health problems.

Dream of broken comb and blood is a sign of trouble in relationship. It also means attempts to hurt you by your enemies or jealous people.

Dreaming of broken comb and black color is a sign of change of fortune.

Dream of broken comb and green color is a warning sign about sudden loss of job or damage due to natural calamities.

Dream of broken comb and you are happy or laughing means you will get to hear good news. It also means defeat of your enemies. It also means solving a pestering problem.