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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX Verse 26

He who with devotion offers Me a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, that love offering I accept, made by the pure-hearted. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 verse 26)

What simpler thing can there be but an offering of a leaf or a flower or a little water? Still, the Lord says that it is acceptable to Him. He is so easily satisfied. But it must be offered with love and a pure heart: that is where the secret lies. There is nothing in the gift. It is all in the attitude of the giver. He who created and supports the universe, what does He care for our gifts? Only as an expression of love is it acceptable to Him.

And why does God care for our love? Because love is His very nature. By love He is touched. Love is the Truth, the Reality, the Oneness of existence. It is the expression of Oneness. Love is attracted by love. Love flows towards love. It does away with separation; it unites; it binds together. The soul that loves God unites with God. Nothing can obstruct it. God is love and if we love in the highest sense, then we are God. Such love is entirely free from sensuality or attachment. It is spirit touching Spirit, love for Love’s sake. ‘I do not want wealth or relatives and friends, nor do I want learning; no, not even do I want to go to heaven. Let me be born again and again; but, Lord, grant me that I may love Thee, and that for love’s sake,’ was the prayer of a great bhakta.