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Thirugu Sadam – Kuzhampu Pal Naivedyam At Chennai Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple

Thirugu sadam, or kuzhampu pal, is the final naivedyam of a day at the Parthasarathy temple located at Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The regular last naivedyam or food offering in most Vishnu temples is aravana payasam. But at Triplicane Parthasarathy temple it is kuzhampu pal.

The delicacy is prepared by boiling milk with sugar, over a slow flame, till it thickens.

Another unique item offered in the temple is Thirumal Vadai during the 6:00 PM pooja. This is flat or thattai vada and is larger than the palm of an adult. The food offering is prepared from whole urad which is soaked for couple of hours and then ground into a batter. Only salt is added to the batter and it is deep fried.

The sakkarai pongal offered at night around 9 PM is also unique as only half of the usual amount of jaggery is used to prepare the pongal.

The first food offering at 6:00 AM is also unique as it is the raw milk from the goshala of temple.