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Food Offering At Kallazhagar Temple In Madurai – Alagar Kovil Milagu Dosai Naivedyam – Pepper Dosa

Kallazhagar temple, or Alagar Kovil, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, is one of the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to Bhagavan Vishnu. The temple is famous for a unique food offering and it is known as Milagu Dosai Naivedyam – pepper dosa. The Azhagar Kovil milagu dosai is not the normal dosa. It is deep fried, there is a hole in the center and it is brown in color.

Two large milagu dosai is offered to the utsava murti or processional deity in the sanctum sanctorum every evening between 6:15 PM and 7:00 PM. The dosa for the deity is prepared in a griddle made from panchaloha or five metals – gold, silver, copper, iron and bronze. The dosa is deep fried in ghee.

Smaller version of the same dosa is distributed as Prasad to devotees.

The dosa batter is prepared using raw rice and urad dal with skin. To this batter whole black peppercorns, jeera or cumin, asafetida, dried ginger and curry leaves are added.

The batter is not fermented to make the dosa. Usual dosa batter is fermented for eight hours. The dosa is deep fried in ghee. The size of dosa given out as prasad is little larger than the palm of an adult.