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Dreaming Of Number 5 – Meaning

Dreaming of number 5 is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will only achieve half of what you desired for. It also means you will be unhappy or disappointed in not achieving more. Dreams of number 5 also mean losing out in a competition and you being dejected with the final result.

The dream also means you will see change of luck if you test your luck lottery or games have number 5.

Dream of number 5 is also a sign that you will stop something midway through. You will not be happy with the outcome and will blame others for it. The dream is a warning sign and is asking you to pursuit something you have started and not to give up.

Dreaming of number 5 and you wake up happy is a sign that you will do better than expected. It also means your hard work will be rewarded. It also means lucky escape.

Dreams of number 5 and you see other people mean you will miss out on getting honored.

Dream of number 5 falling down or you chasing it means you will have to work hard to achieve something.