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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX Verse 11 - Verse 12

Not knowing My supreme nature as the great Bhagavan of beings, fools disregard Me, dwelling in human form. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 verse 11).

Deluded, men do not know that I, appearing among them in human form, am the supreme Spirit, the very Self of all beings, able to produce a human form through which I manifest, free from egotism and attachment. The incarnations of God are recognized by few.

The world sees only a human being in these avatars of God. Nay, some even despise and persecute avatars of Bhagavan. The condition of such persons is very pitiable. Their life is in vain.


They are of vain hopes, of vain deeds, of vain knowledge and senseless, possessed with the deluding nature of rakshasas and asuras (creatures of passion and darkness). (Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9 verse 12).

The fools neglect their own Self, their higher nature. They see no Self beyond the body. They have only the body-idea and they do not believe in God. All their hopes and deeds and knowledge are in vain. It does not bring them any nearer to the goal of man. They will be born again and again, passionate, godless and ignorant. What profit is it to man to be learned or wealthy or powerful, to be respected by another, if he knows not himself, if he is ignorant of the divine spark within, if he does not believe in his own immortality? This is sad indeed. How much sadder is the case of the wicked who live in crime and darkness, who get scorched in the fire of sensuality and ambition, who struggle through life committing sin after sin, to pass out at the end on the path of darkness from which they will return again to go through the same process endlessly.

How different it is with those bhaktas who are engaged in devotion to Bhagavan, who walk the path of righteousness, who have faith in the mystery of man’s divine nature and the essential identity of the Deity with the being within man. They find rest in God; they never come to an evil end.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna dwells in their hearts by faith; they are grounded and rooted in love, and are filled with the fullness of God.