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C V Vaidya – Marathi And English Writer

C V Vaidya Bharatacharya was a prolific Marathi and English writer. He was born in 1861 at Kalyan near Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was educated at Mumbai, had a brilliant academic career, and won several prizes and scholarships. He earned MA and LLB at the Bombay University and practices as a lawyer for some time before being appointed a judge at Ujjain in 1887. Later he became the chief justice of the High Court of Gwalior State from 1896 – 1905 CE.

C V Vaidya Bharatacharya was a prolific writer in English and Marathi. His works included Sri Rama Charitra, Mahabharataca Upasamhar (epilogue of the Mahabharata), Madhya Yugin Bharat and Hindu Dharmache Svarupa in Marathi. Those in English include History of Sanskrit Literature, Riddle of Ramayana, History of Medieval Hindu India, Mahabharata – A Criticism, Epic India, and Shivaji, the founder of Marathi Swaraj. He also wrote a novel, Durdaivi Rangu, and a play, Samyogita, both in Marathi. He died in 1938 CE.