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What Is Subodhini Of Vallabhacharya?

Subodhini of Vallabhacharya is a commentary on the first, second, third, tenth and part of the eleventh cantos of Srimad Bhagavata Purana.Vallabhacharya is the founder of Pushtimarg and the corresponding school of philosophy known as Shuddhadvaita.

Subodhini is the most esoteric and popular of Vallabhacharya’s long works and is also, the most prameya oriented, indicating God Himself, ‘that which is to be measured or proved.’

Subodhini examines Bhagavata according to levels of interpretation closer or more precise than those employed in Bhagavatarthaprakarana – sentence (vakya), word (pada) and syllable (akshara). In both Anubhashya and Subodhini, Vallabhacharya emphasizes the connection between aesthetic theory and religious practice and experience, but in this text he analyses the aesthetics of devotional experience according to the tenets of Alankara Shastra, the classical Hindu science of aesthetics.