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Story Of Giloy Plant In Hindu Religion

The story of giloy plant in Hindu religion is from the regional versions of the epic Ramayana. In the fierce battle between Bhagavan Sri Rama and demon Ravana, numerous Vanaras or the members of the monkey army was killed. Finally, Ravana was annihilated by Sri Rama.

Indra, the king of Devas, was unhappy to see so many monkeys lying dead in the battlefield. He sprayed elixir of life or amrita on the dead monkeys. All the dead members of the vanarasena (monkey army) came back to life.

A few drops the amrita fell on the earth, and wherever these drops fell amrita plants sprang up.

For this reason, the plant is known as Amrita in Sanskrit. It is also held auspicious.

The plant is used in the cure of jaundice, fever,skin diseases, venereal diseases, dysentery, swollen joints and muscles, and diabetes. Stem of the plant cures venomous snake bites and insect stings. A necklace made from small pieces of the plant is worn around the neck as cure for jaundice.