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What is Grihya Sutra In Hinduism?

In Hinduism, Grihya Sutras deal with the Vedic traditional practices relating to the domestic field and prescribe the rituals pertaining to daily life and activities of the householder. The different daily rituals of the Brahmins, Samskaras (rites of purification), including the rites relating to birth, marriage and death, rites of longevity and prosperity, customs and practices, deity worship and social life and livelihood set out herein provide a vivid picture of Vedic traditional life.

Grihya Sutra Texts

Three Grihya Sutra texts affiliated to Rig Veda are available, they being those of Sankhayana, kaushitaki and Asvalayana.

Nine Grihya Sutra texts of Yajurveda are available, they being those of Baudhayana, Bharadwaja, Apastamba, Hiranyakeshi (Satyasadha), Vaikhanasa, Agnivesha, Manava, Kathaka and Varaha. These depict the tradition of the different sakhas (recensions) of the Veda.

Four Grihya Sutra texts are available for the adherents of Sama Veda, being those of Gobhila, Khadira, Jaiminiya and Kauthauma.

A single Grihya Sutra text is associated with Atharva Veda that is Kaushika.

The above texts portray in a revealing manner, the domestic, ritualistic and social life of the Vedic people as nothing else can.