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Story Of Surdas Touching Sri Krishna

Surdas was a blind saint from North India. The story goes that Bhagavan Sri Krishna appeared before Surdas and granted him a boon. Surdas said he did not like to see anything after beholding Bhagavan Krishna and asked to be deprived of sight. Bhagavan granted him the strange boon, but Surdas continued to behold his Bhagavan within.

Surdas once decided to go to Vrindavan, the place sanctified by Bhagavan Sri Krishna’s childhood pranks and play. All along the way, Surdas sang the names of Bhagavan, keeping time with cymbals in hand. Utterly free from body consciousness, Surdas was deeply absorbed in his Bhagavan and his holy names. He was now standing on the edge of a cliff; one more step and it would be his final jump.

Deeply bound to His devotees, Bhagavan does not desert them, however. Surdas heard a sweet voice, ‘Surdas, don’t proceed further.’ Surdas was captivated by the voice sweeter than sweetness itself. He asked, ‘May I know who you are?’ ‘Well,’ the shepherd boy said, ‘They call me Gopala.’ ‘Why did you ask me to stop?’ asked Surdas. ‘Uncle, there is a deep gorge before you. One more step and you will fall,’ said the boy.

Surdas recognized his Beloved and asked Him, ‘But I would like to go to Vrindavan. Won’t you take me there?’ And Surdas thought, ‘Now I'll catch Him, the One whom even the yogis cannot catch in deep meditation.’

The boy replied, ‘I would most certainly like to accompany you, but I have to tend my cows.’ ‘Well,’ Surdas said, ‘in that case, take me to the road to Vrindavan.’ The boy said, ‘Of course, that I shall do.’ ‘Please lead me by your hand,’ said Surdas. ‘No,’ said the boy, ‘but you may hold the staff I use to guide the cows.’

Surdas held one end of the staff and wondered, ‘How will I catch Bhagavan? I must touch Him somehow.’ He began singing Bhagavan’s holy names. Captivated by the melodious songs, Bhagavan began to dance and was soon absorbed in the songs.

In the meanwhile, Surdas gradually inched his grip towards the other end of the staff till he caught Bhagavan’s hand. ‘Surdas, leave Me alone,’ exclaimed Bhagavan. ‘You naughty fellow,’ smiled Surdas, ‘come with me to Vrindavan. Physically You may leave me, but be trapped in my heart.’ Bhagavan smiled and enthroned Himself in Surdas’ heart forever.