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Siddhashila – Home Of Siddhas

Siddhashila is the home Siddhas, the blissful emancipated selves. The accomplished ones stay in the topmost part of Isatpragbhara, which lies twelve yojanas above the Sarvarthasiddha heaven. This region is white and glittering. Siddhas residing in Siddhashila are pure selves, neither heavy nor light.

The Siddhas reside in an incorporeal and therefore penetrable substance, with a spatial, though immaterial, extension of 2/3 of what had in its last existence. They have all the four infinites – infinite knowledge, vision, bliss and power.

Siddhashila is on yojana from the border of the loka and aloka, i.e., world and non-world. Beyond it is infinite space, devoid of dharmastikaya (the principle of motion)and adharmastikaya (the principle of rest). The redeemed siddhas live in the uppermost part of this region for eternity and enjoy the endless, incomparable, supernatural happiness of liberation from the bonds of transmigration.

Jainas say that the jiva has the characteristic of urdhvagai, i.e., a tendency to move upwards. When karmic adjuncts are annihilated and when the being is free from all karmic encrustations, it moves upward to the end of loka (universe) and remains in its pure from in Siddhashila in moksha. The Jain conception of moksha does not obliterate the individuality of each being. Its individuality is not lost. There is permanent personality of each being, even in the state of perfection in Siddhashila.