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Satyacharya – Great Name In Hindu Astrology

Satyacharya was a great name in Hindu astrology. His contributions are revered and listed by several classical authorities like Varahamihira, Prithuyasa and Kalyana Varma Balbhadra. Dhruva Nadi and Satya Samhita were written by Satyacharya

Several principles in the earlier astrology given by Satyacharya are given here and there and quoted by the authorities and are applicable in the modern context, too.

Jatak tattvas mentioned by Dhruva to Jaimini and transferred to Garga and on to Vyasa and then to Satya. Thus Satyacharya is a follower of Veda Vyasa.

Srinivasa Chari opines that the entire text of Satyacharya is currently not available or is not accessible in the proper form. Dhruva Nadi is a rare astrological work and is available in the Government of Oriental Manuscripts, Chennai. Satya Samhita is a part of Dhruva Nadi.

Using the concepts of Satyacharya, Satya Jathakam has been written in recent years. It gives in brief the basic principles of astrology regarding karaka, bhavesha, bhavas, navamsha chart, it uses and transit effects. Lagna or Chandra nakshatra is taken for starting doshas and tarabala and lagna is preferred to the moon when the latter is weak. Brihat Jataka also has more to say from the rudiments given by Satyacharya.