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Meaning Of Vithoba – Pandurang – Vitthal

Vithoba – Pandurang – Vitthal are the various names used by devotees to address the form of Bhagavan Sri Krishna worshipped at Pandharpur in Maharashtra. It is believed that Bhagavan Krishna along with Rukmini Devi gave darshan to a devotee named Panduranga at Pandharpur standing on a brick.

Bhavishyottara Purana states that the famous Pandharpur Vitthal temple is located exactly on the spot where Sri Krishna and Rukmini gave darshan to Panduranga. The place was also known as Poundarikapuram, on account of this divine incident having taken place there. The name of Panduranga is a Sanskritized form of Pandarga (Pandarge) which was the old name of Pandharpur.

Vithoba is a contracted form of the Marathi expression 'vitkar ubaa rahaa' meaning 'be standing on the brick'.

The term 'Vitthala' is derived as vidaa = joaanena (by knowledge), thaan = shoonyaan (dispirited, ignorant), laati = rakshati (protects). He receives those without knowledge to bestow His grace on them.