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Gurjar Rot Pujan - Story - Gurjar Rot Pujan Katha

Gurjar Rot Pujan is observed on the Bhadrapad Purnima or the full moon day in Bhadrapad month (September – October). The festival and rituals on the day are observed by the Gurjar community. Gurjar Rot Pujan 2023 date is September 29.

Rot pujan is observed in the Malwa region, western Madhya Pradesh and southern Rajasthan.

The pujas and rituals on the day are dedicated to O-Aai Mata (ओआई माता).

Newly married women go to their husband’s home (sasural) on the day for the first time after marriage. Naming ceremony of children is also held on the day.

Gurjar Rot Pujan Katha – Story

There is a popular story associated with Gurjar Rot pujan. It is believed that the puja was started by Mata Sadu. During her visit to Ujjain, Mother Sadu kept her sleeping son, Dev Narayan, under a tree and went to do her chores. Soon the baby woke up and started crying as he was hungry. A tigress heard the cry of the child and appeared there. The tigress started feeding milk to the baby.

Mother Sadu who happened to see the tigress near her baby got scared and prayed to Goddess Durga to protect her son. She promised not to touch milk for three days if her son was saved. Suddenly there was a flash of light and the tigress went away. Mata Sadu then performed a puja for three days without consuming milk and products made from milk. This puja came to be known as Rot Puja and is observed by Gurjars in the Malwa region. The community members do not touch milk and milk products for three days.