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Dreaming Of Hypnosis – Meaning

Dreaming of hypnosis is considered a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will come under the influence of another person or cult. It also means your mind not working properly due to external factors like substance or drugs etc. Dreams of hypnosis mean problems in life due to another person. It also means revealing your secrets under emotional stress.

Dream of hypnosis and you are in the dream is a sign of bad relationship and getting into unwanted groups and interests. It is a warning sign.

Dreaming of hypnosis on someone else is a sign of indulging in fun and it getting out of hand. It also means you will harm someone else emotionally.

Dreams of hypnosis and you see lot of people means getting carried away and doing things that you will not normally do.

Dream of hypnosis and colors means depression or other mental troubles in near future.