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Dina Nath Sharma Shastri Saraswat – Sanskrit Scholar – Author Of Sanatana Dharmaloka

Dina Nath Sharma Shastri Saraswat (1903 – 1980) was a Sanskrit scholar, educator, religious debater and protagonist of Sanatana Dharma. Born on June 21, 1903 at Shujabad (district Multan, now in Pakistan), he grew to be a great scholar of Hindu knowledge texts. He passed the Shastri examination in 1919 CE from Sanatana Dharma Sanskrit College, Multan, where he was to become Principal later.

During his tenure as Principal, he developed a great interest in writing on the sanatana (eternal) Hindu values and wrote many articles and research papers for leading magazines and journals like Vedic Dharma, Sanskrit Ratnakara Siddhanta, Suryodaya and Madhurvani.

His ten volume work, Sanatana Dharmaloka (The World Of Eternal Religion), is regarded as a veritable encyclopedia of Hinduism, and it brought him name and fame. He was given the President’s Award in 1966 CE. He was honored by Sahitya Kala Parishad in 1979 CE for his remarkable contribution in the field of Indology and Vedic literature. Besides, he received such distinguished titles such as Vidyavagisa, Vidyanidhi, Vidyavachaspati, Vidyabhushana and Sahityalankar from various organizations.

Dina Nath Sharma Shastri Saraswat was an unparalleled debater and defender of Sanatana Dharma; hence he was called ‘Sastrartha Maharathi’ (the supreme warrior of debate). His countless debates on the interpretation of texts with scholars of Arya Samaj (founded by Swami Dayananda in 1875 CE) were published in different magazines like Lokaloka of Pandita Madhvacharya.

He died on September 12, 1980.