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Chengannur Mahadeva Temple And Perumthachan – Story Of Fishermen Recovering Goddess Parvati Murti

Chengannur Mahadeva temple is located in the heart of Chengannur town in Alappuzha district, Kerala. There are numerous stories regarding this ancient temple. There are some interesting stories connecting the shrine with the legendary carpenter of Kerala, Perumthachan. It is also said that the murti of Goddess Parvati made by Perumthachan was recovered from the nearby river by fishermen belonging to Karunagappally.

When discussion of making Goddess Parvati murti was being held at Chengannur Mahadeva temple, Perumthachan visited the temple. People requested him to make a murti of the Goddess. Instead of making a new murti he showed them a spot in the north-west of the temple and asked them to dig there. They did and a murti was recovered from there.

Few years later, Perumthachan once again came to the temple along with a Panchaloha murti of the Goddess. He predicted that the temple will catch fire and then the present Devi murti will be destroyed. He said at that time this new Panchaloha murti should be consecrated.

Years later the temple caught fire and the Shivling was saved but the murti of Goddess was destroyed. People had by then forgotten about the arrival of Perumthachan and the murti made by him.

When they were searching for a Goddess Parvati murti, a member of Thazaman Pothi house (family associated with the temple puja) saw a dream in which he saw Perumthachan and the murti of Goddess Parvati. He was also told that the murti brought by Perumthachan was preserved below a stone in the near river. All attempts to locate the murti in the river turned to be futile. At that time some fishermen from Karunagappally came to this place and they were able to locate the murti in the river. The murti was recovered on the day of Mahashivratri. Even now on every Shivratri day, the fishermen of Karunagappally are honoured at the temple.